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Bryngfjorden Bike Park has now officialy closed as a commercial biking centre. The Trails are still open for use but AT YOUR OWN RISK. They are now managed and maintained to some extent by a hardcore group of dedicated volunteers, please respect this and take care when riding. There are unfortunately no longer bike rental / uplift/ cafe facilities at the site, but the forest tracks are still there and access is easily available up the gravel road.

Updates and information on volunteer building/riding days can still be found on the Facebook pages:


Bryngfjorden Bike Park


and Karlstad MTB Enduro group



As the owners and developers, Vision Business Projekts would like to thank all of those who made the bike park happen. Together you provided a huge amount of support and energy into creating something truly special and exciting here in Karlstad

As a company we still believe in accesible adventure, and are looking forward to building and developing more outdoor adventure sites, inculding the new and exciting Väse Skate and Bike park project.


For those of you with new and innovative projects or ideas which develop your local area, particularly with regard to biking and outdoor sports, we would love to here from you too at:


We would like to wish Karlstad Kommun all the best in the development of Bryngfjorden, and look forward to seeing what amazing year-round activities can be built with such a large investment of tax money.


Iain & Jenny